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GPSK Investment Group is an India-focused multi-strategy
investment firm.


By deploying a range of fund management strategies across asset classes, GPSK is able to pursue opportunities that offer the highest potential for capital appreciation. Given our proprietary orientation, we are able to provide patient, long-term capital to private investment opportunities, and are able to participate in sunrise sectors and investment areas.


GPSK Investment Group deploys capital in a matrix of uncorrelated asset classes to achieve superior returns. Our investment strategy is rooted in fundamental research, discipline and flexibility. We take a macro-view of businesses and markets, and cultivate contrarian thinking alongside a research-driven approach to investment management.


GPSK has invested extensively in building cutting-edge software and information technology infrastructure to support its investment management activities and back-office processes. We leverage this infrastructure to deliver actionable information and risk analytics to frontline investment teams, as well as to streamline reporting and control systems deployed for managing investment positions. Additionally, our infrastructure enables us to share information and knowledge across units and locations.